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Not limited to on-road vehicles, we have come to try and meet the needs of our customers.  From oil field forklifts, to welders, to wood chippers and beyond, we will do our best to service anything we can get into our shop.  Offering safety inspections for vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers, we also do DOT inspections for commercial applications.

Other services

The face of the transportation industry is evolving at an alarming rate.  With new engine design and more efficient systems in trucks, pickups, RV's, and cars, the varying needs are sometimes difficult to meet.  We work hard to ensure proper filtration and lubrication coverages for most all vehicles.  With our extensive selection of Baldwin filters, most major brand oils, and local vendors to help with all applications, 1st Choice Truck Lube will work hard to ensure your vehicle is maintained properly.

With a big investment, such as the purchase of a Recreational Vehicle, you need to make sure the maintenance is properly cared for so when you get ready for that big road trip, you know your RV is good to go.  Got the bags packed and the cabinets packed full of your favorite road trip goodies, the oil is fresh and you are ready to go.  We also carry a line of filters for most generators so we can service your rig and keep you ready for anything.

More commercial applications, new emissions regulations, and fierce competition have changed the pickup truck dramatically over the past few years.  While some things have remained the same, the evolution of the pickup has proved to be a challenge for some, but we keep up with those changes for you, ensuring peak performance at a reasonable price.

Diesel trucks are the backbone of our local economy and play a big part of our business.  With our roots in big truck lubrication and maintenance, our ability to service all makes of trucks and engines has become our proving ground.  With a full line of Baldwin filters for heavy duty engines, there is no job too big or too small.  From full service oil change, to a grease job, or just changing a fuel filter, we have what you need to stay on the road.

Automotive oil changes are nothing new for us here and we carry a great selection of filters and oils for a variety of automotive applications.  If we do not have what we need, we can typically get it locally with the time it takes to complete your service.

Diesel Trucks

Recreational Vehicles