1300 FM 1810 W  Decatur, TX 76234

All RV services include:

-Change oil and filter

-Change fuel filters on diesel engines

-Check transmission level

-Check tire pressure

-Clean windshield on the outside

-Check all other fluids

-Grease all grease points

For diesel or gasoline generators includes:

-up to 4 qts of conventional oil

-oil filter

-check coolant level and strength

-check air filter

-fuel filters extra

$34.95 + tax

Generator Service

Up to 5 qts of conventional oil.

With varying oil capacities, and differing filter combinations, Diesel Rv service pricing can vary dramatically.  From smaller Cummins engines, to full sized Detroit engines, we have the filters to cover most pusher RV's.  Give us a call or come by to see what we can do for you.  We bring you good service at a fair price with a relatively minimal wait time.  Not like those pesky dealers, so come on by. 

Gas Rv's

Diesel Rv's

$43.95 + tax


1st Choice Truck Lube, Inc.